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May the blessings of the Santo Nino, the intercessions of Our Lady of Antipolo and San Lorenzo Ruiz be with you and yours!





Be a Part of the Growing Ethnic Minority Group in the Diocese of Orlando

Know their stories, key liturgical celebrations, ministries and aspirations. Representatives comprised of Filipino-Americans of all ages from the various parishes within the diocese weave a colorful tapestry depicting ways Filipino-Americans deal and interact with one another through liturgy, music, dance and outreach. We hope that you would find joy and hope paging through the archives, present activities and future events to strengthen the mission intentions of the ministry. Feel free to contact us for any feedback, insights or contributions to enhance and empower the people and friends who are behind this faith-filled endeavor.

Major Religious Events

Santo Nino de Cebu

San Pedro Calungsod

Simbang Gabi

Our Lady of Antipolo

San Lorenzo Ruiz


Articles To Ponder

SINGING PRIESTS PROMOTE VOCATIONS With the showmanship of a Broadway musical, 11 diocesan priests brought “Paring, Pinoy and Friends: Three Shows for Thanksgiving, Togetherness and Inspiration” to life the evening of Nov. 11 before…

 Meet Sem. Nathanael Soliven

If you’ve already heard a number of seminarians or priests’ vocation stories before, you would probably expect the story to go like this. God calls this young man to be a priest. This young man hears the voice of God but ignores it. God calls again and again and so the young man finally says yes..

Our Clergy Board

Fr. David Vivero

Fr. Percival de Vera

Fr. Nelson Javier

Fr. Ramon Bolatete

Fr. Kenny Aquino


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